product (rph 201)

RPh201: Restoring the neural function

Our novel drug RPh201 is an extract from a botanical source, mastic gum, that has been shown to stimulate the formation of new neurons and synapses. It is extracted, purified, formulated, and stabilized in a proprietary low-cost manufacturing process.

Proposed mechanism of action: Three steps to functional recovery

Immuno modulation

Repair of CNS damage (neurogenesis and synaptogenesis)

Improvement of impaired function

Preclinical data

RPh201 has been proven to work in pre-clinical models and human clinical study and has an excellent safety profile. Extensive preclinical data (rat and mouse models) have demonstrated RPh201’s potential efficacy in a wide range of indications:

    • Retinal ganglion cells protection and axonal regeneration at the injury site
    • Neuroprotection and recovery of damaged retinal neuronal cells


    • Improved somatosensory and motor function
    • Reduced infarct volume


    • Improved cognitive function and learning ability
    • Fully recovered short- and long-term memory, neurological, and mental function

    Vascular Dementia